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Sony Bravia TVs get a little fruity

Bright colors are part of the new "Draw the Line" home design concept.


The latest Sony Bravia HDTV has been given a rainbow of fruity colors as part of the company's "Draw the Line" concept for kitchens and for brightening up the home.

The 20-inch KLV-20S400A comes in fruity pink, green, and orange, as well as blue, black, and white for the less adventurous. It would be a perfect gift for Mother's Day but, along with the rest of the larger piano black S4-series, will reach stores in Asia only in June.

Also announced today is the Bravia V4-series, which shares an identical 2008 Bravia Engine 2 video processor and 1080p24 input capability (24p True Cinema). Both have three HDMI terminals as standard, while the V4 has added Digital Media Port for accessories to synchronize with the iPod, MP3 players, and Sony Ericsson Bluetooth-enabled mobiles.

For the living room-sized 40- and 46-inch S4 and V4, Sony has gone one step further by going full-HD matched with upgraded 33,000:1 dynamic contrast. The latter is twice the performance offered by their smaller counterparts.

(Source: Crave Asia)