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Sony Alpha A700 gets firmware update

Sony has released a firmware update to its 12MP Alpha A700 DSLR.

Sony has released a firmware update to its 12MP Alpha A700 DSLR. The update, version 4, adds two features that had been requested by users in several Internet forums. There is now a choice of +/-2.0EV, 3 shot EV bracketing, in both single and continuous modes. Also it adds the choice of "Off" to the high sensitivity noise reduction. Along with the added features, some improvement have been made such as improved auto white balance accuracy, improved high ISO picture quality, and improved communication consistency between the camera and the vertical grip.

Along with the A 700 firmware update, Sony has released updates its Image Data software, Converter SR, Lightbox SR, and Remote camera Control (A700 only).

All of the updates can be found on Sony's eSupport Web site.

We generally recommend installing the latest firmware updates for your camera, so you can get the most out of your gear. For more information on firmware updates for a specific camera, visit the manufacturer's Web site. Before installing any firmware upgrade, always take the time to read all of the documentation and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.