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Sony 26-inch smart TV is a cut-price bargain at £199

Sony's knocked £230 off the RRP of its 26EX553 TV, which is a terrific deal on a great little telly with iPlayer, Netflix and Freeview HD.

Sony's flogging off some old stock, with its 26-inch smart TV from 2012 going for a cut-price £199 direct from the Japanese company's outlet store website. That's a saving of £230 on the RRP and around £150 on the price elsewhere.

It's a very decent little telly -- when we reviewed it just over a year ago, our main gripe was the price, and that's handily fixed itself.

The 26EX553 has an edge-lit LED screen that our reviewer Niall reckoned gave a cracking performance, with deep black levels, good contrast and even backlighting. It's not Full HD, with a 1,366x768-pixel resolution, but when the screen is this small you'll never notice the difference. It's still able to play Freeview HD channels.

If you've been looking around for a cheap smart TV, this is a great option -- it has BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm and Netflix, along with some limited video file playback over your Wi-Fi network. If you want to rent the latest movies, Sony's Entertainment Network service is built-in too.

Small annoyances include only two HDMI ports and pretty meagre sound from its 8W speakers. But if you're putting this on a chest of drawers in your bedroom, or huddling round it at your desk at university you're unlikely to mind either of those things.

The telly comes with Sony's standard one-year guarantee, and there's free delivery.

Have you seen any better deals on TVs? Are you tempted by this charming little Sony? Tune in to our comments below, or change channel to our money-saving Facebook page.