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Camera Accessories

Sony 18-110mm cinema lens is light and compact with power zoom

This time it's not for full-frame, but like its 18-135mm sibling, this lens comes at a relatively reasonable price.


Sony pops out a little brother to its full-frame FE PZ 28-135mm f4 G OSS cinema lens, the E PZ 18-110mm f4 G OSS (SELP18110G) designed for Super 35 and APS-C models of its camcorders and mirrorless cameras, like the A6300.

Since it's for E mount rather than FE, it's compact and light -- just under 7 inches/168mm long and a little over 2 pounds/1,105 g. The lens has similar features and design to the bigger model, though, including a dust-and-moisture-resistant build and Sony's Smooth Motion Optics to prevent breathing and axial shift while zooming (in other words, changing your scene coverage and focus) and switches to declick the iris ring and lock the iris.

It's scheduled to ship in November in North America for $3,500. Directly converted, that's about £2,600 and AU$4,600.