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Sonos S5 goes black

After many years of having only white-colored products, Sonos has finally delivered a black ZonePlayer S5.

Sonos' first product with a black finish. Sonos

For the last several years, every time the Sonos PR team meets with us to talk about its new products, we ask when the black version is coming. It's become sort of a running joke, so much so that I like to think we had a little something to do with the company's decision to finally put out a black-colored product after years off sticking to white.

Whatever the case (somehow I doubt the company takes us too seriously), Sonos has a new black option for its single-speaker streaming audio system, the ZonePlayer S5. No, it isn't any different from the white S5 we reviewed late last year, but it's nice to finally have a choice, especially if your decor simply doesn't lend itself to white.

What do you guys think? How many color options should a company offer? Are white and black enough?