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Sonos leaks new CR200 remote control

When Sonos set up a staging page on its Web site for its new CR200 remote, bloggers took notice.

A low-resolution shot of the upcoming CR200 remote. Sonos

The folks at Sonos told us they had some new stuff coming out soon, but we weren't expecting to get any details on it until they briefed us in a few weeks. However, word of a new remote started to trickle out recently, and on Tuesday Sonos itself leaked info on the new CR200 controller on its own Web site (the page has now been taken down).

Unlike its predecessor (the CR100), the new controller has a touch screen, and the 3.5-inch VGA LCD is capacitive, which means it's more responsive. The other thing to note is that it's smaller, measuring 2.9 inches by 4.5 inches by 0.7 inches, and weighs only 6 ounces.

If you buy it alone it'll cost you $350, but you save $60 when you buy it as part of the upcoming Bundle 250. According to Automated Home, that new bundle features the same Zone Players you get with the Bundle 150, but with a slight color change to match the new controller.

We really like the Sonos system and it's nice that the company is offering a new, improved controller, because it's high time they upgraded the CR100. But the sad fact is you're probably going to be better off buying an 8GB iPod Touch, which only costs $215 on Amazon and can also serve as a Sonos controller. Of course, when we finally see the CR200 in person, I'm sure the folks at Sonos will tell us why it has a better interface and more functionality than an iPod Touch (or iPhone) equipped with the free Sonos iPhone app.



(Source: Engadget)