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Sonos BU150: I can stream clearly now the range is long

Sonos is out with a new music package that some are calling the music lover's dream.

Sonos BU150
The Sonos BU150 package includes the ZonePlayer 120, the ZP90 amp-less streaming counterpart, and the CR100 handheld controller for navigating it all. Sonos

If you like Sonos and things that are new, you're probably going to love the new gear from Sonos.

You may already have heard of the Sonos digital music system--it scored a high review from our editors, it's got tie-ins with Napster for streaming millions of songs over the Internet, and it'll stream your entire collection over your wired or wireless home network.

It's the music lover's dream, and its amps are capable of driving speakers, meaning you don't need to hook it up to separate hi-fi units, unlike the also excellent Logitech Squeezebox Duet.

The new gear includes the ZonePlayer 120, or ZP120, the amp-enabled Big Daddy that replaces the ZP100; the ZP90, an amp-less streaming counterpart for pulling music into an existing audio setup; and the existing, unchanged CR100 handheld controller for navigating the whole lot.

What's different? The ZP120 is a whole hell of a lot dinkier than the original ZP100, which is no bad thing. The ZP90, however, is aesthetically unchanged from the ZP80.

But there are some changes on the inside, most notably improved wireless capabilities.

The whole lot's on sale starting Tuesday as part of the BU150 package, priced at about $1,000.

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