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Sonos announces limited Play:1 Tone edition, improves sound quality

​Sonos has announced a new speaker called the Play:1 Tone while introducing its latest 5.4 software, which also improves sound quality for all Play:1 owners.


Sonos has announced a new limited-edition version of its smallest speaker called the Play:1 Tone which comes in either the choice of black or white.

The company says it's making 5,000 of each speaker for sale exclusively on from July 21 and that it expects both models to sell out within hours, as did its limited-run forbear, the Play:1 Blue Note.

The Tone speakers will be available for $250 in "absolute black" or "pristine white" which use a custom soft matte finish. Unlike the Blue Note, which included a custom radio station, there's no extra features for the $50 premium over the standard Play:1 .

The Play:1 Tone arrives at the same time as the 5.4 update, which also promises an upgrade to the sound of the Play:1. Sonos says it's "enhanced the clarity and presence of the Play:1 sound as well as optimized the Play:1 bass performance when it is paired with a Sub ."

In addition, the update brings the ability for the Playbar to go completely wireless -- previously it required a Bridge. There are also some enhancements to Google Music and TuneIn.

However, if you're a user of the Sonos Control CR200, some functions will break as the company moves users towards smartphone use. For example, CR200 owners will no longer be able to set up a new Sonos speaker or manage their music libraries via the remote -- those tasks will be accomplished by phone/tablet/PC only.

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