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Sonos adds iOS Force Touch compatibility, Split View support with latest software update

The multiroom streaming speaker system is especially easy for iOS users now that the updated app enables quick controls from the lock screen, Force Touch access to menus, Split View support, and more.

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Now you can control your Sonos speaker on an iOS device directly from the lock screen.

The company just released a software update for its multiroom streaming speaker system that will allow customers to perform a wider range of iOS shortcuts, including quick navigation from the lock screen, Force Touch access to menus, Split View support, and more.

Before version 6.3 was released today, iOS users had to unlock their devices and click over to the Sonos app to do things like change tracks or adjust the volume. Now, the company has enabled a shortcut that offers all those functions directly from the lock screen of any iOS device running version 8.0 or higher.

Speaking of shortcuts, the company is also making multitasking a little easier on an iOS device by adding support for Split View and Slide Over. The former is convenient because it lets you use the Sonos app while running another app at the same time, while the latter offers a music control menu that can be hidden with a quick swipe.

If you own an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you can also access shortcut menus with Force Touch starting today: just press and hold your finger down on the app icon and additional screens will appear with a quick swipe.

Sonos Software Version 6.3 is available now for iOS 7 and higher or Android devices running 2.2 and higher.