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Sonim unveils XP3.2 Quest Pro

Sonim's adds new features to its ultra-durable XP3 Quest.

Sonim XP3.2 Quest Pro Sonim

Just when you thought that Sonim cell phones were the pinnacle of mobile durability, the company raised the bar just a bit at CES with the announcement of the Sonim XP3.2 Quest Pro. The handset is similar to the XP3 Quest that we reviewed last year--you can drop if off the roof, dunk it in water, and stick it in the freezer--but it offers a few upgrades over the current model.

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New "Gorilla Glass" adds extra protection to the display. We'll be eager to try it to see exactly what that means; when we tried to hammer a nail into the screen on the XP3 (catch the video here) it emerged without a scratch. The XP3.2 Quest Pro also offers a couple of new items on the feature side. Not only do you get support for Java apps, but also assisted GPS.

The XP3.2 Quest Pro is available today for $499 unlocked. You'll be able to use the GSM handset with AT&T or T-Mobile.