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Sonic screwdriver toothbrush gives you a timeless smile

You, too, can have teeth as clean as a Time Lord's when you cleanse your ivories with a sonic screwdriver electric toothbrush.

sonic screwdriver toothbrush
Why do we never see the bathroom on the Tardis? Firebox

Jelly babies have a way of getting stuck in your teeth, no matter what planet you're from. Scrub them out of there with an officially licensed Doctor Who sonic screwdriver toothbrush.

The $20 electric toothbrush looks like something you'd find next to the sink in the Doctor's bathroom, though we never actually see the bathrooms in the Tardis. It runs on one AA battery and comes with a spare head.

Unfortunately, the toothbrush doesn't seem to make all the beeps and whistles of the Doctor's fully functioning version. It also won't pick locks or perform medical scans, but the toothbrush should at least help keep your chompers clean.

Brushing your teeth can feel like a chore, but throwing a Doctor Who prop into the mix should help encourage sci-fi geeks to clean those pearly whites for the correct amount of time.

My only lingering question is, can you use this toothbrush to scrub your K-9?