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Songl music-streaming service to exit beta in March

Australian music-streaming service Songl looks set to exit beta next month to compete with the likes of Spotify, MOG and Rdio.

Australian music-streaming service Songl looks set to exit beta next month, according to a new report.

The Songl service, which is currently in locked beta mode. (Screenshot by CBSi)

Songl is a joint venture between Sony Music, Universal Music and Southern Cross Austereo. Formerly, the service was known as, and before that it was the streaming side of Sony's music hub,

According to a report in The Australian, Songl will launch officially again in March to compete with the many other streaming services available in Australia. While Songl has been sitting in locked beta mode for some time, users who signed up to the service before the lockdown are still able to access music. Customers who bought a Sonos system were also given one-month free trials of the service.

New pricing has not been revealed yet, though the previous structure put a basic subscription at AU$8.99 per month for unlimited web streaming, and a premium package for AU$12.99, which adds mobile streaming, 320Kbps quality and offline caching. Songl had existing apps for Android and iOS when it first launched.

During the closed beta period, Songl continued to charge existing users for the service. A number of complaints were lodged on its Facebook page from users saying that they would cancel subscriptions due to the patchy service.