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Songbird, the "open source iTunes killer"

Songbird, the "open source iTunes killer"

The preview version of Songbird, an open-source alternative to DRM-laden jukeboxes such as iTunes and Windows Media Player, launched today and is available at Boing Boing has more information, including an interview with Rob Lord, team leader of the Songbird project; here's a mirror site for the 7MB-plus Songbird download.

We like the prospect of a do-it-all audio jukebox in the open-source space with its focus being free of any DRM rules or restrictions. The minimal interface reminds us of iTunes but with more options and choices. The source list includes a folder of current online music stores such as Connect, Amazon, eMusic, and so on, as well as good sources for podcasts and radio stations. A couple of missing ingredients: video support and a graphical equalizer. It will surely get better and more useful over time. Currently, the software is available for Windows only.