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'Something Pig is coming' in next Angry Birds game

A version of the popular game that favors the pigs could be winging its way into the market.


A new variation of Angry Birds teased by game maker Rovio could find you on the side of the pigs.

A lone red Angry Bird nestled on Rovio's Bad Piggies Web site is innocently minding his own business. But click on that bird, and a torrent of pigges rain down upon him until he's flooded by his green attackers.

Beyond the tagline: "Something PIG is coming," Rovio offers no further clues on the upcoming game. But the video suggests a reverse spin on the familiar concept in which you would instead join forces with the pigs to battle the birds.

Gadget-enthusiast site Pocket-Lint speculated in early July that the goal of such a game would be to protect the eggs you've taken from the birds by shooting pigs at them. And like their feathery nemeses, the pigs would come fully equipped to the fight with different skills and strengths.

Since its debut almost three years ago, Angry Birds has fluttered through several variations that have taken the gameplay around the world and even into orbit. But the version hinted at in the video teaser would mark the first time that the user switches sides to battle the birds.


Watch out for falling pigs