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Something is clogging the Twitter stream!

The outage-prone messaging site is working, but it's not delivering new "tweets" to many members. The company says it's investigating the problem.

Something has dammed the Twitter river. I bet it was this guy. Creative Commons licensed:

Holy cow. Is nothing on the Internet working these days? Facebook's acknowledged that a number of members have had account maintenance issues, and now Twitter has confirmed that "many" users are experiencing timeline delay problems.

Basically, the lowdown is that you can post tweets, and they'll publish, but that your timeline--the stream of updates from the Twitter accounts you follow--isn't bringing up any new tweets. For me, it looks like this started at around 8:00 a.m. PT.

Twitter, which has been prone to many an outage in its three-year history, says it is investigating the problem and will provide an update shortly.

(Photo by Flickr user sherseydc, licensed under Creative Commons).