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Mad genius attaches telephoto lens to 20-year-old Game Boy Camera

And it actually takes OK pictures.


Apparently you need a can of coffee to hold up the contraption.

Bastiaan Ekeler

Back in the Game Boy-era Nintendo released the Game Boy Camera. This plastic shooter would go into your Game Boy's cartridge slot and let you take tiny black-and-white photos that were low-res even by '90s standards.

Two decades later someone decided to upgrade a Game Boy Camera by attaching an obscenely large telephoto lens. And the thing actually works and can take long-distance pictures. The contraption was made by designer Bastiaan Ekeler, who describes the project in a blog post.

The moon, as seen by a Game Boy.

Bastiaan Ekeler

Ekeler used a 3D printer to construct a makeshift lens adapter, attached the adapter to the Game Boy Camera, and then fastened a Canon telephoto lens to the other end. This resulted in the monstrosity shown above, but it also gave an old camera for kids the ability to focus on faraway objects.

Ekeler tested out the camera rig by taking photos of the moon and seagulls on a beach. Check out the shots below for some perspective.

Not bad for a little piece of plastic.


Now that's some impressive zoom.

Bastiaan Ekeler
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