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Some people still don't know how the Web works

A poignantly funny video expresses the frustration of those who have been brought up with computers in their laps and those who have not.

Sometimes different generations look at each other as if they are from an entirely different space and time.

The conversation might be about sex, drugs, or rock and roll. Or it might just be about the Web, computers, iPhones, and all of those gadgets that, to some, seem natural.

A video with animation by Guy Collins, first posted to Reddit, offers a deep and artistic impression of what it feels like when you, the computer natural, encounter someone who is a byte troglodyte.

The things that seem so simple to you don't even translate to some minds that find technology overwhelming, or even pointless.

The attempted poker face of the expert, coupled with the blank expression of the neophyte, make for excruciating viewing.

I am sure there are so many tech support employees who have perfected their poker faces while confronted with comments, questions, or sheer ignorance that seems way beyond their darkest imaginings.

One of the classics was surely the tech support gentleman who had to help a lady whose most precious wish was to get the Google Pac-Man game removed from her computer.

So watch this video and bask in its truth. Laugh and cry. You'll surely feel better afterward.