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Some .Mac users already getting e-mail forwarding

Got .Mac? Try sending an e-mail to your address at It might just work.

While Apple's upcoming MobileMe service has yet to hit retail shelves and overtake the existing .Mac offering, it looks like some users are already getting early benefits of the updated platform including proper e-mail forwarding with the alias. MacRumors is reporting that the transition has already begun to take place for some, but not all current .Mac subscribers, meaning if you've got a and somebody sends an e-mail to it'll still end up in the right place.

Other MobileMe services still have yet to catch up, including the improved photo gallery and Web mail interfaces. The .Mac to MobileMe transition is expected to occur sometime around the July 11th release of the iPhone 3G, as it's a selling point for transferring data and settings between the mobile device and home computers.

MobileMe's Web mail in box is far superior to the current .Mac offerings, but in the meantime (some) .Mac users are getting messages delivered just fine. Apple Inc.