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Some find problems with Wii U update

Long download times for a Wii U firmware update cause problems for users, social TV app Viggle buys GetGlue, and the Galaxy Camera adds smartphone features to a point-and-shoot.

You don't have to wait long for Monday's CNET Update:

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Sales of the Nintendo Wii U system began Sunday, following a midnight launch event at the Nintendo World store in New York. But anyone getting a Wii U will need some patience before getting started. A required 5GB firmware update can take an hour or two to download, but be sure to not turn it off once the update has begun! Some users that turned off the console before the download was complete have "bricked" the machine and need to exchange it for a new one. You can read our review of the Wii U here.

Other stories in today's tech news roundup:

- AT&T doubled its 4G LTE coverage area in the past year, but it's still behind Verizon's coverage area.

- Google canceled Christmas? The People app on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean systems is missing the month of December.

- If you're shopping for a digital camera, check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, a point-and-shoot camera loaded with Android apps for instant photo sharing.

- Social TV app GetGlue has been bought by Viggle. Both of these second-screen apps will now be managed by Viggle.

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