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Some AOL members hit wall with XP

A technical glitch is preventing some Windows XP users from connecting to America Online's high-speed cable service, according to an AOL spokesman.

A technical glitch is preventing some people who use Microsoft's Windows XP operating system from connecting to America Online's high-speed cable service, an AOL spokesman said Thursday.

The glitch has affected a "very small number" of AOL members who are accessing the Internet through the Time Warner Cable service with computers running Windows XP, said AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein.

"We are currently working with Microsoft to quickly address the issue," he said.

The glitch will be fixed within the next two weeks, according to Weinstein. In the meantime, AOL has implemented a different configuration to restore connections for cable users affected by the problem.

Weinstein would not say whether the glitch was an issue with Windows XP, AOL or Time Warner Cable. A Microsoft representative was not immediately available for comment.

Over the past few months, AOL has been introducing its high-speed access in cities served by Time Warner Cable, the nation's second-largest cable network. AOL and Time Warner Cable are business divisions of media giant AOL Time Warner.

AOL Time Warner has touted its ability to sell AOL with its cable service subscriptions. AOL executives have noted that the company's acquisition of Time Warner gives it a powerful means for selling broadband versions of its online service to connected households.

Microsoft unveiled Windows XP, its controversial new operating system, in October.

One AOL user near Tampa, Fla., who asked not to be named, said the connection worked when he tried connecting through a computer running Windows Me.

"AOL tech support representatives told me numerous people were having this problem," the AOL customer added.