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Solution in hand?

The specter of Microsoft looms over the market for personal information devices, sometimes called palmtops.

The market for personal information devices, small tools that use handwriting recognition for storing phone numbers, appointments, and similar data, is expected to reach 6 million units this year. 3Com will try to try to extend its lead with a new PalmPilot next week, but the coming of Microsoft's Palm PC operating system (accompanied by palmtops from Philips, Casio, and others) is already causing commotion. In the meantime, Apple recently exited the market, drawing howls of protest.

Microsoft sued over Palm PC
Microsoft is being sued by Palm Computing, a maker of handheld devices, over alleged trademark violations in Europe.

PalmPilot price cuts precede new model
update 3Com cuts prices on its popular PalmPilot line of personal information devices by up to 20 percent, as a prelude to unveiling a new model next week.

Psion blames woes on Microsoft
The small British palmtop computer company blames forthcoming Microsoft products for sowing consumer confusion.

Apple scraps Newton
Apple ends product development of the market's first-ever palmtop operating system.

Newton protest planned
Some programmers and users are not taking news of the Newton's demise all that well, and will take to the streets to make their feelings known.