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Solar iPod case for a desert island

It's weatherproof, shockproof and runs on solar power.


We know people love their iPods, and they understandably want to protect them. But we're curious how far they really need to go. A few months ago, for instance, we cited a titanium case for the Nano that sold for roughly five times the player itself.

The latest suit of armor isn't quite that extreme, but it's definitely more than we would personally need (which isn't saying much, given our slothful ways). The "Bolblbee Solar" may not sound very tough, but don't be fooled--it's "made for adventurers," as Gizmodo says, a weather- and shock-resistant case is built not only to withstand the elements and clumsiness, but it can also run on solar power. All of which makes it the perfect gadget for a cameo appearance on Lost.