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Solar Impulse zero-fuel plane lands in Spain to complete Atlantic crossing

The solar-powered aircraft has landed in Seville, ending the 15th stage of its round-the-world trip.

Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse, the sun-powered plane, has completed the Atlantic stage of its historic circumnavigation.

The aircraft landed in Seville, Spain on Thursday morning, having set off on its journey across the Atlantic ocean from New York three days ago. Spain is the penultimate stop on the vehicle's epic quest to travel around the globe without burning any fuel. The plane weighs 5,500 pounds, travels about 47 miles per hour and is powered by 17,248 solar cells built into the wings.

The journey has been a long one. Starting in March last year, battery woes prompted a nine-month layover in Hawaii. We've contacted the Solar Impulse team to ask when the next stage of the journey is scheduled to begin, and we'll update this story if we hear anything.

Solar Impulse says, "The next flight will not be before end of next week (1st of July) and we are not sure where it will head. It could be southern Europe or northern Africa , like Egypt."

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