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This solar eclipse time lapse will get you pumped for Monday

Get ready for the Aug. 21 solar eclipse with a gorgeous time-lapse video showing the 2012 eclipse in Australia.

Are you excited for the North American total solar eclipse coming up on Aug. 21? You can ramp up the thrill level with a video showing an eclipse from the other side of the world.

Laughing Squid clued us in to YouTube user WorldScott's 4K total solar eclipse time-lapse video, released on Tuesday. The video follows along with a total eclipse that happened in Australia in 2012.  

Scott A. Stevenson, the creator behind WorldScott, says the video uses 1,990 images taken over the course of several hours in November 2012 near Cairns, Australia. 

Stevenson points out how the sun's corona appears like a halo during totality. You can also witness the "diamond ring effect" towards the end as the sun slips back into view and creates a bright spot that looks like the gem on a diamond ring.

Keep this video handy to rewatch just in case your Monday eclipse viewing is dampened by bad weather, bad timing or a meeting that runs over.