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Twitter's #FakeEclipseFacts will lead you astray

What does the total solar eclipse have to do with gum, horror movies, haircuts and Earth, Wind & Fire? Let Twitter tell you with #FakeEclipseFacts.

You've already been inundated with the science and the reality of the total solar eclipse happening today

Now it's time to investigate the lighter side of the historic celestial event with a romp through Twitter's utterly misleading #FakeEclipseFacts meme. These tweets are full of bad advice, made-up science and lots of snark.

Solar eclipses aren't the only eclipses we should be concerned with. Chew on this one:

NASA is a reliable source for information on the total solar eclipse. Twitter's #FakeEclipseFacts is not:

Some Twitter users are using this as an excuse to get snarky about musical matters:

And, yes, the eclipse is a great time to watch a horror movie:

And now here's NASA's response to #FakeEclipseFacts:

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