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'Solar Cricket' jumps for your (evil) joy

An eco-friendly prank for everyone.


OK, so maybe you did have something to do with your uncle's coronary while navigating an RC tarantula his way at the dinner table. You'd be willing to downsize to a robot roach for future pranks, but you don't want to be in the vicinity because you'll get the blame (again).

Don't despair--a solution may be at hand. The "Solar Cricket" will take care of your mischief-making needs all by itself, energized by sunlight so that it can "waggle his feelers and do a little dance " when you're nowhere to be seen, according to Shiny Shiny, allowing you to manufacture the perfect alibi. Better still, as long as it continues to catch rays, the bot bug will also make annoying cricket sounds to ensure irritation all day long.

And you can do all this with a clear conscience, knowing that you've done your part to preserve natural resources.