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'Solar chaser' vows to drive gophers nuts

It's environmentally friendly and isn't cruel to the animals.


It's a painful subject, but some of us at Crave have had an ongoing domestic problem--with moles and gophers. We've tried just about every deterrant on the market, short of weapons of mass destruction, to no avail.

So it is with commensurate skepticism that we convey this latest so-called remedy for the perennial lawn intruders, but more power to you if it actually works. At the very least, both environmentally sensitive and animal-loving neighbors won't object because this anti-rodent device runs on solar energy and is meant to drive the dastardly beasties away, rather than dispose of them with extreme prejudice.

Every 30 seconds this "solar chaser" will send a sonic tone that supposedly drives gophers nuts over 7,000 square feet, according to OhGizmo--which would certainly be a case of turnabout as fair play, so far as we're concerned. While you're at it, you might want to pick up one of those teen repellants as well to make it a clean sweep.