Software/firmare updates may break Mac-to-cell phone tethering

Think before applying a carrier-supplied update.


[Tuesday, March 11th]

If you're using a tethered Internet connection (using your mobile handset/cell phone as a wireless modem for your Mac) beware of firmware/software updates distributed by said carrier (or, less likely, the manufacturer): they may break your cell phone's ability to host connections from a Mac.

MacFixIt reader J.E. de Sequera writes:

"I had a Motorola Razr which had to be replaced when it got damaged. The new Razrs will not work as tethered modems. [...] Verizon replaced my Razr with a Krzr (K1M) and guess what? It doesn't work either.  On the other hand, when I plug in my wife's Krzr (K1M) it's instantly recognized by my Mac. The only difference is that her phone has older software than mine.

"I can only guess that Verizon is trying to control what you can plug into your phone and has disabled the phone's functionality as a tethered modem on a Mac. You can't even use generic auto chargers anymore, as the phone gives an error message saying it's an incompatible charger."

If you've experienced a similar elimination of tethering capabilities after a firmware/software update or like-model phone replacement, please let us know.

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