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Software to smooth the enterprise

Enterprise software manufacturers Baan and Welcom Software Technology will integrate and jointly sell their products.

Enterprise software manufacturers Baan and Welcom Software Technology have joined forces to integrate and jointly sell their products.

The agreement funds efforts to combine Welcom's Open Plan project management software with the Baan product suite, using Common Object Request Broker Architecture technology. Welcom's project and cost management products, Open Plan and Cobra, already interface with Baan's current ERP product, BAAN IV.

The move enhances Baan's project management product suite and expands Welcom's global market presence, the companies said.

They also hope that unifying the two products will enable customers to perform planning and resource analyses for single and multiple projects more efficiently.

"We chose to partner with Welcom because of the proven technical quality of its project management products,'' said Baan's executive vice president of research and development Laurens van der Tang, in a statement. "Combining our efforts will provide premium solutions and services to companies requiring better planning, implementation, and control of their projects."

Open Plan is software for project scheduling and resource management. Its multitier structure supports scaleable, multiuser and multiproject environments. Cobra is a cost-control system to manage budgets and forecasts.

BAAN IV is a suite of integrated, open systems-based applications. The foundation for the system is Baan's Orgware, a suite of tools.