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Software to mark photo archives

Digimarc readies watermarking software for securing collections of digital photography.

Digimarc, a maker of watermarking software, will ship in the second quarter its BatchMarc Pro software that uses automatic scripts to add watermarks to large collections of digital photography.

Digimarc's watermarking software, which invisibly embeds information about the creator and distributor of a photo within the pixels of a digital photograph, already ships as part of Adobe Photoshop 4.0, Corel Draw 7, Corel PhotoPaint 7, and Micrografx Graphics Suite 2.0.

BatchMarc Pro will allow holders of large photo stocks to script additions of watermarks across their archives. The watermarks will consist of different identifying tags: the distributor ID, the creator ID, the item ID, for internal identification, and the transaction ID, for tracking purchase information.

Licensing fees for the application start at $2,000, and go up depending upon the size of a customer's photo collection.

BatchMarc Pro will be available on Power Macintosh and Windows 95 and Windows NT in the second quarter of 1997. A beta version for Power Mac systems is currently available.