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Software strengthens firewalls on Web

Livermore announced new security software that can set up firewalls for the Web.

Livermore Software Laboratories today announced new security software that lets network administrators set up Internet firewalls to protect vital data stored in client-server applications but now being adapted for use on the Web.

Livermore's Portus version 2.2 software also lets administrators add firewall support to existing applications without modifying code. For instance, an application built atop Lotus Development's Notes groupware can be retrofitted to add full firewall protection without recoding client or server software.

In addition, the software enables the creation of "virtual" firewalls. Portus protects Web servers installed behind the firewall, as does other security software. But administrators can also use the software to isolate servers from access by users on an internal network, in effect allowing a single firewall to function as multiple virtual firewalls.

Portus 2.2 runs on HP-UX and IBM AIX-based servers, and pricing starts at $3,000 per server. The company announced today that Portus 2.2 has been certified for use as a secure firewall by the National Computer Security Association.