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Software saves hard drive space

Helpware manufacturer Quarterdeck releases cleanup software for inexperienced PC users.

Computer helpware manufacturer Quarterdeck released Remove-it 98, hard-drive clean-up software for inexperienced PC users.

To free up hard drive space, the software includes an array of features to help users get rid of unessential files. For example, CleanUp Coach analyses the hard drive to expose unwanted or duplicated files, and then offers recommendations to the novice user, such as whether to remove or store the file at a lower size.

Remove-it 98 also includes a Quick Clean feature, which removes unneeded files such as a Web browser's cache; and Smart Disk Agent, which alerts the user of "garbage" build up on the hard drive.

Computers typically create a variety of ad hoc databases and stockpile a wide range of arcane file types that users do not need. Remove-it 98 is designed to find these databases and files, identify their presence, and instruct users in how to erase them.

The software is available for PC users running Windows and requires 8MB of memory with 12MB of free disk space to run on Windows 95. The product is available at an estimated street price of $19.95.