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Software opens files for Mac users

NetManage launched software to make Mac users full-fledged intranet citizens.

NetManage today launched software designed to make Macintosh users full-fledged citizens on corporate intranets.

ChameleonNFS for Mac OS, a version of its Network File System client software, lets Mac users share files with other networked systems on the Internet. The software makes files stored on Unix-based NFS servers accessible through the Macintosh Chooser and maintains security established on the network file server.

NetManage will add the new software to a Mac OS suite, which includes terminal emulation, host access, FTP client software, and an HTML 3.0-compliant Web browser. The suite is priced at $195, and a 30-day evaluation copy of ChameleonNFS for Mac OS is available from the company's Web site.

The company also today announced Ecco Workgroup Administrator, a file server management tool for NetManage's Ecco personal information manager. The tool, which is available for free from the company's Ecco support site, allows users to share group scheduling information.