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Tech Industry

Software modem upgrades due

Motorola will release software to upgrade its modem technology to the new international 56-kbps standard.

This spring, high-tech giant Motorola will release software to upgrade its 56-kbps modem technology to the new v.90 international 56-kbps modem standard.

Motorola, one of the leading suppliers of software modems, plans to release the v.90 software upgrade for its SM56 model over the Internet. Personal computer OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), multimedia vendors, and motherboard builders will be able to download the software upgrade onto their existing platforms.

Software modems rely on a PC's existing microprocessor and hardware for power, sparing the user from having to buy additional hardware. Since one needs only to buy software to both operate and upgrade, software modems are cheaper than traditional hardware modems.

Motorola also announced it would also offer v.90-standard software upgrades for its 56-kbps chipsets.