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Software makes you a virtual virtuoso

Just think how awestruck your neighbors will be when they hear the sweet strains of a Stradivari violin wafting from your window.

They don't need to know you're hooked up to one of the latest releases from music software maker Garritan Orchestral Libraries. Titled Stradivari Solo Violin, the sound-ware puts the richly resonant sounds of one of the world's best violins--dating back 300 years and worth millions--into the hands of any performer with a computer and keyboard.

Garritan software
Credit: Garritan Orchestral Libraries
Garritan's new packages let you
make jazz and big-band sounds.

With the software, composers can personalize their compositions using an array of fingering and bow articulations. Dynamic and timbral changes can be created within a single note or phrase using exclusive "sonic morphing" technology that aligns a series of samples into cohesive real-time performances.

Garritan is also out with new software for creating jazz and big-band sounds. With a complete rhythm section, guitars, a jazz piano, an electric piano, woodwinds, acoustic and electric basses, a vibraphone and Latin percussion, you'll be able to get as Count Basie as you could possibly want.

Garritan's popular flagship product, Garritan Personal Orchestra, has been used by video game designers, ad execs, musicians and TV composers (among the shows whose creative teams have used the package are "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Sex and the City" and "Alias"). Along with its new Stradivari and jazz/big-band offerings, the company has also released a consumer version of Personal Orchestra.