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Software makes Web slide shows

Software Publishing Company rolled out a Navigator 2.0 add-on called ASAP WebShow that lets users create live slide presentations from the Web.

Software Publishing Company (SPC) has made a beta version of ASAP WebShow available for free at its Web site. The plug-in presentation viewer is designed to work with Navigator 2.0. The final release is due in mid-March.

ASAP WebShow lets users view, download, and print reports and presentations from the Web. Users can either download data for hard-copy presentations or use the software to find and retrieve images for their own Web pages.

To create slides from Web materials, users must have ASAP 1.0 or ASAP WordPower 1.95. You can download trial versions of both packages.

The ASAP WebShow package uses SPC's Intelligent Formatting Engine to decrease transmission times for downloading Web images and text files, officials said. Users can then embed presentations and reports as icons in their own Web pages. Slides can be viewed in small live-area windows or enlarged to fill the Web page.

The software runs on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT PCs.