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Software Limits Kids' PC Playing Time

On August 15, Fresh Software will release Time's Up!, a Windows utility that helps parents monitor their children's usage of computer games and online services.

Priced initially at $39.95, the software will let parents set daily or weekly time limits for online access or game playing, without interfering with other applications. The software also lets parents print or display usage reports that detail who's been looking at what.

Parents can enter the names of each family member and define limits for him or her. The software shows which applications are available on the system and lets parents set specific limits for each program.

For kids scamming to play just one more game, the software has a hot key that lets them check current limits to see how much time is left. A 2-minute warning alarm sounds before time expires.

And for those hard-headed cyberkids who refuse to let go of the joystick even when the alarm sounds, the software will end the application, save the game's progress, and then restrict further access to the program.