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Tech Industry

Software for first-time Net users

Supra Corporation has debuted Supra Simple Internet, a $179 hardware and software package designed for first-time Macintosh Internet users.

SAN FRANCISCO--Diamond Multimedia's Supra Communications Division has unveiled hardware and software designed for first-time Macintosh Internet users. Dubbed Supra Simple Internet, the package sells for $179.95.

The Supra kit includes a fax/modem (28.8 kbps), Supra Mosaic browser software, and a CD-ROM tutorial. The package allows users to access the Web, email, Usenet, ftp, and Gopher, according to Supra officials.

Internet access costs $9.95 per month for 7 hours, or $19.95 for 20 hours of use. Each additional hour costs $1.95.