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Tech Industry

Software boasts "Best of the Net"

Netstuff and Netcom On-Line have launched a new Internet applications package aimed at novice users.

Netstuff and Netcom On-Line Communication Services launched today Netstuff 1.0, a software package that includes a customized version of Netcom's Netcruiser suite.

Aimed at novice users, the $49.95 package sports four "Best of the Net" applications. Those applications include E-Mail Connection from ConnectSoft, which features message compression; Paint Shop Pro 3.11 from Jasc, Inc.; CuteFTP, a utility for easy FTP file transfers; and WinZip 6.0, an archive-management program that unpacks compressed files.

Netstuff 1.0 also includes online support and a Bookmarks page.

Netcom is the selected provider of Internet connectivity for Netstuff.