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Socializr is like Evite with wit

Jonathan Abrams has a new site. It's a little bit like Evite, but with wit and humor.

Friendsterfounder Jonathan Abrams has released a new Web site in "gamma" called Socializr.

Friendster, which just patented another networking technology to bolster profitability, is credited with sparking the social-networking craze among Internet users.

Abrams' Socializr, meanwhile, offers online tools for event planning. Users can send personal messages or invitations, post public invites or notes on forums, design invitations and upload photos for albums, in addition to creating personal or company profiles.

The site has been in private testing since September 2006 and went live on Friday, according to Socializr spokesperson Toni Graham.

Socializr, it seems, is very into keeping a sense of humor about itself. According to Socializr's site, the company motto is, "Don't be boring....because Google already took 'Don't be evil.'" The message on the Socializr phone hotline informs callers that "we are too busy partying or writing software to answer the phone right now....For press...send an e-mail. If you are an angry blogger, please hang up. Thank you and party on."

Abrams' continued ties to Friendster are also evident. Socializr counts among its investors Friendster President Kent Lindstrom.