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Social TV app NextGuide moves to iPhone

The service, which melds live TV listings with ways to search for and stream video from online operators, follows its iPad and Web version with one specifically for iPhones running iOS 7.


NextGuide, the app that tells you when and where your favorite shows are on, is finally on the iPhone.

Designed for iOS 7, it brings a combined view of live TV guide services with streaming services -- like Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu Plus, and Netflix -- to the world's most popular smartphone.

It has many of the same functions as the iPad app and aims to bring together live TV and streaming videos. Users can pick their favorite shows and keep track of when, and where, the shows are available online or on TV.

As more and more television has surfaced online, a handful of companies are vying to be the one-stop-shop consumers go to locate the content they're looking for. Fanhattan has long aimed to be a catch-all video search tool, and recently unveiled a Fan TV streaming box to integrate cable TV, streaming video, and DVR recordings through a single interface. M-Go, which was integrated into the popular Roku over-the-top box line earlier this week, recently added an "Also find it on" button on its Web service that will link customers to other sites that have whatever content they searched.

Jeremy Toeman, chief executive of NextGuide's parent Dijit Media, said he believes NextGuide has found a place in the market, though.

"We first launched NextGuide a year ago on our mission to reinvent the concept of the TV Guide...we have definitely struck a chord with the modern TV fan," Toeman said in a statement. He said the iPhone app takes "a whole new approach to what the experience should be: simple, streamlined, beautiful."

In addition to the NextGuide apps, the company previously launched Dijit Remote, a universal remote app linked to an infrared remote control accessory, and Miso, a social TV app that let users log what they were watching for points.