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'Social Network' trailer inspires parody, hype

Film bloggers are practically drooling over the first look at footage from the upcoming film about Facebook. Meanwhile, there's now a hilarious parody about MySpace.

The poster for Columbia Pictures' 'The Social Network,' starring actor Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Columbia Pictures

Of course the tech industry crowd is giddy over the full theatrical trailer for David Fincher's "The Social Network"--it's a tale of one of Silicon Valley's own, however ignominious its take on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be, and it looks to be of far higher quality than the few stabs at dot-com cinema storytelling that have bubbled up over the years. ("The Pirates of Silicon Valley" was decent, for a made-for-cable-TV movie; the Josh Hartnett flick "August," about a New York dot-com flop, was a flop itself.)

But what about movie lovers who might not be quite as attuned to the nuances of the real-life events and courtroom battles that inspired and influenced the film? Well, judging by their reactions, film bloggers are still enthralled by this first peek at "The Social Network." ScreenRush commented, "the scene has been set for an epic," FilmShaft kept it simple and said "this could be very, very good," and Den of Geek said "it builds up nicely, and did little to dissuade us from buying a ticket to the finished film."

"These are tremendous sales tools for the movie that also happen to be completely unlike anything else going right now. You rarely see a trailer campaign flawless from go," GetTheBigPicture commented, ending its post on the trailer with a succinct "Hot damn."

Facebook, which did not sanction the creation of the film or the book on which it's based, Ben Mezrich's "The Accidental Billionaires," has dismissed the works as poorly sourced, factually inaccurate, and fanciful. Unfortunately, "this isn't realistic" doesn't hold up very well in Hollywood; the highest-grossing movie of all time is about blue humanoid aliens and the hottest box office franchises at the moment are about hunky teen vampires and werewolves, eccentric British wizards, and talking astronaut toys.

Part of the hype has been fueled by announcements of what the team behind "The Social Network" will be doing next--that Fincher's next film will be an adaptation of the bestselling novel "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"; screenwriter Aaron Sorkin will be making his directorial debut with a film based on "The Politician," Andrew Young's tell-all about the downfall of onetime presidential candidate John Edwards; and supporting actor Andrew Garfield has been announced as the next Spider-Man.

But the general consensus seems to be that regardless of who's behind it, the two teaser trailers and now the full theatrical trailer hint at something that's going to be unconventional, dramatic, and well-crafted. It's already inspiring parody, too. The blog for the VH1 entertainment news program "Best Week Ever" created a fake trailer for a conceptual movie called "The Other Social Network," about the well-cataloged rise and fall of MySpace. Taking the form of the "Social Network" teaser trailer that paired simple onscreen text with voice-over dialogue from the film, "The Other Social Network" mocks MySpace's reputation as a hub for emo bands and "slutty" photos.

Perhaps the funniest line delivered is, "I'm Rupert Murdoch, and I want to buy your company, mate" in a terrible Australian accent worthy of an Outback Steakhouse commercial.