Twitter Tests Edit Button, Promises We'll 'Be Okay'

The Edit Tweet feature is being tested internally and will roll out to Twitter Blue subscribers "in the coming weeks."

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A select few people can edit their tweets, and the feature will roll out more widely soon.

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Twitter on Thursday revealed that it's testing an edit button with a cheeky tweet and a blog post outlining its plan for the long-awaited feature. The microblogging social media site has been working on the edit button since last year.

"if you see an edited Tweet it's because we're testing the edit button," the company wrote. "this is happening and you'll be okay."

The editing lets you make changes to your tweet for 30 minutes after it's been published. Doing so will add an icon, timestamp and label so readers can see it's been modified, and tabbing the label will show an edit history that includes past versions.

"Edit Tweet goes beyond fixing typos. It takes some of the pressure off tweeting, especially for people who don't tweet as often," Twitter GM of Consumer and Revenue Product Jay Sullivan wrote on Thursday. "This is one of many features we're exploring to help people join the global conversation on their own terms."

Twitter's team is testing the feature internally, and that test will be "initially expanded" to Twitter Blue subscribers later this month. The $5-a-month subscription service lets you undo tweets and read ad-free articles.

People have hounded Twitter to add an edit button for years, but co-founder and then-CEO Jack Dorsey said in 2020 that Twitter would "probably never" add one. In April, it confirmed that the Edit feature would be coming, days after Tesla chief Elon Musk joined Twitter's board and a few weeks before he made a deal to buy the company for $44 billion (which he's currently trying to back out of).

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