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Twitter Sends First Edited Tweet for All to See

Here's what an edited tweet will look like, and Twitter Blue subscribers will get the feature "soon."

Twitter logo on a phone screen, with a backdrop of multiple Twitter logos
Telltale signs of an edited tweet are a pencil icon and "Last edited" next to the timestamp.
Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

After years of waiting, Twitter users can finally see the first edited tweet, which was tweeted Thursday by an official account. This is how it will look when we all get the ability to fix typos, which is coming to Twitter Blue subscribers first, though we still don't know when every Twitter user will get the feature. 

Appropriately, the first edited tweet is from Twitter Blue's account, but it gives us an idea of what they'll look like. 

It's actually pretty clear that a tweet has been edited, as its timestamp will be preceded by a pencil icon and a "Last edited" notation with a specific time. When viewing edited tweets in a feed, the pencil icon will sit next to the time-since-tweeted time stamp.

Twitter users surely still want the capability to edit tweets. They've asked for an edit button for years, and even though then-CEO Jack Dorsey went on record in 2020 saying Twitter would probably never add one, the company confirmed it was working on the feature back in April. 

Subscribers of the $5-per-month premium Twitter Blue service will get to edit their tweets first, Twitter said earlier this month. Soon, subscribers in Australia, Canada and New Zealand will get the feature, followed by the US. Users will have 30 minutes after posting a tweet to edit it.  

Twitter declined to say when every user will get to edit tweets, so we'll just have to look enviously at premium service subscribers. Perhaps the pencil icon will supersede the blue checkmark as a sign of Twitter status.