Twitter Returns Following Global Outage

Widespread issues kept people from refreshing feeds and sending tweets early Thursday.

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Twitter appeared to have some technical issues early Thursday.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Twitter was down for large numbers of people on Thursday morning. Web outage reporting site Down Detector showed a spike in reports at about 5 a.m. PT. Reports decreased within an hour but remained elevated. Shortly after 9. a.m. PT, Twitter said it had addressed problems with its internal systems and that the outage was over. The problem appears to have been widespread, with outage spikes occurring in countries around the world.

The outage comes on the heels of Twitter announcing it was suing to require Elon Musk to complete his purchase of Twitter. Twitter users were quick to connect the two events, jokingly suggesting Musk was behind the outage.

Twitter is typically a stable platform where outages are relatively rare. Down Detector leans on reports from Twitter users to monitor outages on other platforms. Twitter has not yet confirmed the cause or scope of the problem.