Say Goodbye to This Key Facebook Profile Feature

On Dec. 1, Facebook will remove a feature that lets users fill in their political affiliation, sexuality and religious views.

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Nina Raemont
Man uses Facebook app

Facebook profiles are getting streamlined.

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Say goodbye to finding out your friends' political affiliation or religious views on their Facebook profile. The social media site said Thursday that it will get rid of contact and other basic information from users' profiles. Such information includes the "interested in" field, which lets users fill in their sexuality, along with fields for political affiliation, address and religious views. 

Meta spokesperson Emil Vasquez said the change was made to simplify Facebook's user experience and navigation. 

"We're sending notifications to people who have these fields filled out, letting them know these fields will be removed," Vasquez said. "This change doesn't affect anyone's ability to share this information about themselves elsewhere on Facebook."

The switch is scheduled to go into effect Dec. 1. 

Social media analyst Matt Navara spotted the change Wednesday.