Meta May Lay Off Thousands More Workers

The Facebook parent company is aiming to deflate its hierarchy, according to The Washington Post.

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Meta's push towards efficiency could bring further layoffs.

James Martin/CNET

Meta is gearing up for more layoffs as it tries to flatten layers of management, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. The move could affect thousands of workers, after the Facebook parent company cut 11,000 jobs last November.

The company's latest plan will force some managers into lower-level positions and see others overseeing more employees, according to the Post, which cited an anonymous source. It's also likely to cut some jobs and projects more directly, with the changes expected to come to multiple divisions globally and over a period of time.

Meta Communications Director Andy Stone tweeted about the report, saying the Post "got this one wrong" and tagging multiple editors at the publication.

"With all due respect, @loriamontgomery, @cpassariello, @markseibel, @laurastevens, how do you run a story with a headline/storyline that is contradicted by the reporting in the very same story -- as well as previous reporting?" he wrote.

Earlier this month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told investors that the company is emphasizing efficiency in 2023 as it leans into its metaverse and artificial intelligence projects.  

"We closed last year with some difficult layoffs and restructuring some teams," he wrote in a Facebook post about its quarterly earnings call. "When we did this, I said clearly that this was the beginning of our focus on efficiency and not the end."