How Meta Is Trying to Put an End to Fake Facebook Reviews

The Community Feedback policy cracks down on fake, incentivized or spam reviews.

Nina Raemont Writer
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Nina Raemont
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The Community Feedback policy is meant to promote authentic reviews on Meta's platforms. 

People may see fewer reviews on Facebook that disingenuously bolster business on the platform, thanks to a new Community Feedback policy. 

The Community Feedback policy targets reviews on the social network that are fake, incentivized, fraudulent or offensive to ensure that real customers are writing real reviews, according to a blog post from parent company Meta on Monday.  

Reviews will be monitored by Meta's automated technology and human reviewers. If Meta removes feedback from a person who wrote it in good faith, the person can request another review of the feedback. The new policy intends to improve reviews for the more than 200 million businesses that interact with customers through Meta's technologies, the company said.

In March, Meta said it would take action against e-commerce abuse and filed a lawsuit against an individual who provided a fake Facebook engagement service by writing bogus reviews that artificially inflated Facebook's Customer Feedback Score.