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Adobe Tool Makes it Easier to Post Videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

The Creative Cloud Express tool is geared for influencers, small businesses and others who want to toot their horns on social media.

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Stephen Shankland
graphic showing Adobe Creative Cloud Express on a white laptop

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is designed to make peppy graphics for flyers or social media posts.

Adobe/Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Adobe's Creative Cloud Express tool, originally geared for people who want to create punchy videos for social media, now is good for posting those videos, too.

A Tuesday update to Creative Cloud Express adds a feature called Content Scheduler that allows influencers, small businesses and others who want to post graphics and videos to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in one single action. The tool, available only through the Creative Cloud Express web app for now, also lets you preview posts and schedule them to publish in the future.

The tool handles some of the more complicated aspects of social media publishing, such as character-count limits and autocompleting usernames. It's available as a free tool, but a $10 per month subscription adds more fonts, templates, online storage, editing tools and stock photos.

Adobe has profited handsomely from its shift from licensing individual versions of software packages such as Photoshop and Lightroom to its Creative Cloud subscriptions. Free versions of some of its tools, like Lightroom and Creative Cloud Express, can lure people into subscription plans.

Creative Cloud Express is geared for an era when publicity no longer means just buying advertisements, said Scott Belsky, Adobe's chief product officer for Creative Cloud.

"Marketing budgets are being shifted from print and traditional TV into social media quickly," Belsky said.