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Social media swoons over photos of young Tim Kaine

Hipster cred and cheekbone compliments ensue after old photos surface on Twitter of Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

When Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced that Sen. Tim Kaine would be her running mate, the internet went wild with witty memes.

Now it seems Kaine is trending again on Twitter as old photos of him surface online.

Plus the young Kaine could double as Superman, which could come in handy.

Not only are his new fans smitten with his dashing good looks, some are even giving the VP candidate hipster status just based on his '70s fashion sense.

Kaine is getting a lot of attention for his cheekbones and laid-back swagger. But his Democratic cohorts likely have photos from their younger years that could also result in new admirers.

In fact, one fan tweeted that the below early photos of Kaine, Clinton, Bernie Sanders and President Barack Obama make them look like the best indie band ever.

Your move, Donald Trump. Time to break out those Studio 54 photos!